• Tutoring for young people:

    help with homework, tutoring

    for various courses, and

    for reading and writing

  • Government employees:

    language courses

    in French and English

  • Services for adults:

    conversation courses

    in French and English



The instruction provided by Bilingual Learning Academy Inc. is intended for young people or adults who wish to expand their knowledge. Two major categories of instruction will be available:

  • For young people: remedial courses and tutoring in French, English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics – Grades 1 to 12.
    • For adults: French and English courses in everyday conversation enabling students to master their knowledge of grammar, text writing and punctuated reading.

Such a program will ensure that young people earn good marks in school and that adults will successfully integrate into society, armed with a positive experience in conversing in both public and private settings.



515 Richmond St., P.O. Box 37, STN B
London, ON N6A 4V3


[email protected]