• Tutoring for young people:

    help with homework, tutoring

    for various courses, and

    for reading and writing

  • Government employees:

    language courses

    in French and English

  • Services for adults:

    conversation courses

    in French and English



Bilingual Learning Academy Inc. is a private corporation that was set up to meet the many teaching and coaching needs of young people and adults who wish to further develop their knowledge. It strives to be an institution of excellence and high quality in order to provide low-cost support to the forms of instruction offered in traditional institutions. To this end, the Academy will deliver remedial tutoring courses in French, English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics for both francophone and anglophone students in Grades 1 to 12. French and English conversation courses will also be offered to adults and young people alike to help them gain a better understanding of grammar, writing, reading, everyday language and public communication methods.

Enrolling yourself or your children in the Academy will be a good decision for your own future and theirs.

You will find all necessary information about our mandate, mission, course contents, course schedules and costs on the following pages of our web site.

We urge you to take careful note of this information and to share your observations with us.


The mission of Bilingual Learning Academy Inc. is to ensure the intellectual development of young people and adults by helping them to further extend their language and academic skills through an individual-centred approach.


  • Integrity

  • Motivation

  • Professionalism



515 Richmond St., P.O. Box 37, STN B
London, ON N6A 4V3